‘A.F. Automotive’  And Speranza:

-                Speranza brand was launched in Aug. 2006 with the slogan of  “Beyond Driving”.

-                A.F. Automotive’  offers  Speranza models  starting from 1100-2400 CC meeting  different market needs. The Chinese government is the main partner and this makes the company with mass production capabilities as well as advanced technology in the car manufacturing industry.

-                Speranza’s models presented by ‘A.F. Automotive’  has the advantage of offering;  best technology unlike any other in it’s generation,  best performance, slick and chic modern design, best security options, environmentally friendly and suitable for the environment.

-                Speranza”  means “Hope” in Arabic, “Amal ”.

-                Aboul Fotouh sold more than 70,000 cars of different Speranza models.

Speranza Current Models:

-          Speranza A620 , 2.0 L

-          Speranza A516 , 1.6 L

-          Speranza M11 , 1.6 L

-          Speranza M12 , 1.6 L

-          Speranza A113, 1.3 L

-          Speranza Tiggo, Tiggo 4×2 manual, 1.6 L

-          Speranza launched Model  “Speranza Envy”, 1.5 L

Some of ‘A.F. Automotive’ Speranza International Prizes:

Aboul Fotouh has got different awards from Chery international as best distributor over 60 agents worldwide, Best After Sales service, … As follows:

-          Chery Best Distributor 2010 Award

-          Chery Award  Service Excellence Award 2011

-          Chery Best Consulting Team Award  2011 in product strategy marketing strategy / service strategy